About Me


Creativity is at the heart of everything I do.

It is the raising agent in my cakes, it feeds the yeast in my dough and rolls out the ideas in my pastry.

I often get asked what would you choose baking or design? But for me it’s never a choice and always a collaboration of the two. I am constantly thinking creatively whether designing with food or fabric. It’s what drives my ideas and is the ingredient that helps me produce unique, quirky and delicious baking.

My creative process always starts or ends with an idea, design or concept that I often find easier to express by ‘drawing’ on my imagination. Sketching up designs and pairing them with a recipe helps to feed both mine and other people’s creative appetite before I even reach for a spoon. It’s the impact, response and buzz that comes from baking that makes it fun. To surprise, inspire and bake memories and experiences for people is for me the icing on the cake!

 My key ingredients are…

dollop of randomness    teaspoon of wonder    pinch of eccentricity

drop of serendipity    handful of curiosity    fluid ounce of fun

All mixed together with quinntessential quirkiness to produce a deliciously different bake.