Cheerio cakes

cheerio cakes

My Cheerio Cakes, Doughnuts and Cereal Hoops were made especially for my friend Alice, who is know for her cheerio affection and cereal addiction! The cakes in the shape of giant cheerio’s actually have milk and ground cheerio’s in them, the latter of which I used in place of flour. Apart from making the cakes taste of cheerios, the ground mixture also gives the cakes a golden sheen and unique texture. The cheerio looking doughnuts are obviously a lot healthier than the standard deep fried dough snack and are coated with my own milk icing glaze. Apart from supplying the cake with extra milk flavor, it also enabled me to stick the cheerio’s to it’s surface. Finally my cheerio cereal hoops are a twist on the conventional cereal bar and taste great with milk, whether from a glass or bowl!

cheerio cake2

cheerio cakes all