Cupcake Board

Cupcake treat board CROPThis Cupcake board is created by Hop and Peck whose philosophy is to produce simple and ergonomically designed products with a contemporary playful twist. As well as the chopping board above, the company create a whole spectrum of unique and quirky home ware from egg cups to mini houses to keep cocktail sticks in together with a collection of wooden toys designed under the name of Little Hop and Peck. Elaine and Stephen are the two designers responsible for each handmade collection which is lovingly made from beautiful quality Oak. Sourced from sustainable forests and finished with danish oil, the oak and final product is eco friendly and purposely designed without the aid of screws or nails and when required painted with child friendly water based paints. Together the modern eclectic and eco designs ensure an everyday products become both sustainable and special, in every possible way.