Dried Mango Daffodils

DAFFODILMy Dried Mango Daffodils came about through me drying some mangoes and noticing the similarity their fragile parchment appearance and colour¬†had to some daffodils that were sitting in a glass jar on my kitchen windowsill. Once fresh and sprightly, the heat from my kitchen had dried up the petals, which in turn turned them into dried mango slithers in my mind. The groves on my dehydrators tray also served to produce a series of fine lines on the mango much like the veins found within a flowers petals. A few twists and tears later a mango daffodil was created and an edible flower via fruit had blossomed, despite the flower itself longer being in bloom. Nature has a funny way of working and when it comes to dried fruit I’m inspired to keep on exploring, creating and eating the results.DAFFS