Giant Chocolate Fudge Fancy

quentin cake blogMy Giant Chocolate Fudge Fancy was created especially for Quentin Blake to celebrate his Fireworks, Fanfares and Fancies exhibition, held at the begining of this year at the Chris Beetles Gallery in London. Hence the giant fancy and fireworks in the guise of indoor sparklers stuck into the cake. Am posting the picture of it today to not only celebrate Quentin and his ongoing inspiration to me and so many others but to the other creative champion, that is Roald Dahl. It was officially Roald Dahl day on Saturday, as the 13th September would have been Dahls birthday and each year the day and Dahl is celebrated throughout the month of September. You can find out more about the man himself and events that are going to be happening via the official Roald Dahl website. As far as the cakes concerned it was based on the Bruce Bogtrotter chocolate cake in Matilda and rather than fondant, chocolate ganache covered both the cake and fudge dome that I used to replace the traditional buttercream. Fudge or should I say tablet tablets surrounded the cake in reference to Georges Marvellous Medicine, which I’d made previously here. A golden gingerbread biscuit ticket for Quentin rather than Charlie decorated the bake allowing access to a lot of cake and fanfare of chocolate. Finally a stack of Quentins books and more than a slab of chocolate were used to create a cake stand that Willy Wonka and hopefully Dahl would have been proud of.