Jam Jar Trifle


My Almond and Raspberry Jam Jar trifle came about through my strong affection and ever growing collection of bonne maman jam jars. Their size and contents make them the perfect container for individual sized trifles that are portable as well as palate pleasing. Normally the last remains of jam in a jar can seem like despondent dregs just hanging around at the back of the cupboard waiting to be scraped on toast. But instead of being forgotten they can become the first layer of a jam jar trifle and dictate the flavours and ingredients packed into the jar and eventually stoumach! In the case of my almond and raspberry trifle, I took my favourite Bonne Maman raspberry jam as the starting point and created more of my berry cupcakes, this time using raspberries in place of blackberries to act as the sponge layer.


A compote of vanilla pears  made up the trifles core which I covered in the rest of my double dose custard I had left from my Apple and Blackberry crumble trifle in a tumblr glass together with the vanilla bean cream I’d whipped up. Crushed up almond biscotti’s became the trifles crumble topping alongside a scattering of toasted almonds.  Although the benefit of my jam jar trifles means the lid can be screwed on and the trifle transported, my greedy nature ensures the contents never moves further than from spoon to mouth!