Midsummer Cupcakes

bees1 blogMy Midsummer Cupcakes are made up of a light orange drizzle sponge, topped with a sweetened orange blossom mascarpone cream. Homemade orange blossom bees, complete with toasted almond wings and dark chocolate bee stripes and eyes, decorate each cake together with my edible confetti. The latter being an assortment of pistachio slithers, freeze dried strawberries, raspberries, mango and pineapple pieces alongside a final few flaked almonds and coconut. The freeze dried fruit also makes up the butterflies wings and body. Finally fresh berries complete the rustic cupcakes, made all the more so by removing the cupcakes cases once the cakes are complete. Excited to be both teaching and demonstrating both the cakes and homemade marzipan bees at Wilderness Festival as part of their Wilderness Cookery School line up this weekend. bees2 blog