Minceless Pies

popcorn mincepiesMy Minceless pies were created for my friend Mary and all those who are put off mince pies because of the infamous raisins that reside within them. I personally love mincemeat and the controversial dried fruit in question, however I equally have a strong affection for chocolate so making these was no issue. Like with the traditional mince pies these mini morsels are encased in a sweet pastry case but their filling is quite different. A spiced chocolate brandy ganache takes the place of mincemeat using pourable brandy cream rather than double to entrap both the mock raisins and suet. The latter is made up of grated marzipan while the former are formed from ginger cake crumbs rolled into suitable sized raisins. A brandy butter buttercream tops each pie off with a mince pie flavoured popcorn from gourmet popcorn makers Joe and Seph’s popped on top.

popcorn mincepies2