Mint and Ginger cheesecake

snowflake cheesecake 2

My Mint and Ginger Cheesecake was made for an extra special Birthday and New Year celebration. The cheesecake itself had a combination of macarpone and cream cheese in it, which I combined with grated crystallized ginger, mint extract and powder. The latter of which I’d created from grinding up a handfuls of Mint Imperials. The ginger biscuit crumb base also had broken up pieces of Mint Imperials mixed through it to add a refreshing crunch and flavour. Inspired my the Ginger Snowflake biscuits I’d made previously, I decided to make a Giant Stained Glass Mint Snowflake biscuit to decorate the top. Finally I placed extra smaller biscuits, Mint Imperial Snowballs and Glacier Mint shards of ice over and around the cheesecake to finish everything off.