Pop at the Top

POPATHETOPMy Pop at the Top were created to celebrate a trip up to the top of The View from the Shard in London. Rather than the typical cake pop these actually contained no cake put instead plenty of pop. From Salted caramel popcorn provided by gourmet popcorn creators Joe and Seph to toffee poppets, the shards of both pop related treat were all bound together with popping candy chocolate. Once set I finished each pop off with a coating of melted chocolate which I then sprinkled with popping candy and topped with a piece of popcorn. A light sprinkling of edible gold glitter gave the pops a final flourish which when seen together with the bits of popping candy reflected the twinkling lights of London’s skyline and stars in the sky itself seen from the viewing platform. In fact once we reached the 72nd floor it wan’t just everyones ears that were popping but our desire to pop each pop in our mouths. Which for some was in one bite, a view in itself! popcorn-spread2