Sports Relief Bakes

run2 blogMy Sports Relief Bakes were created especially for Jo Whiley’s Jo in a Box challenge, which consisted of Jo running and walking on a treadmill in a perspex box for a total of 26 hours! Inspired by her challenge I made 26 bakes to mark each hour and fuel her and her incredible team of supporters in and outside the box. The ‘compilation bakes’ as I described them ranged from boost sized bites, rocky ‘RUN’ roads and gingerbread chocolate coin medals. The latter highlighting the penny’s that produced pounds as everyone supported Jo and texted a pound to the the 70011 number. I presented everything to Jo in a perspex tape box, to underline the complication bake nature of the bakes and Jo being inside a slightly bigger perspex box herself. Together with the bakes I stuck together some jelly bean and chocolate button smiley faces. Jelly beans are popular with marathon runners due to their convenient consumable size and high sugar content. By the end of Jo’s tumultuous treadmill challenge Jo had herself clocked up the equivalent of 4 marathons and walked for over 100 miles. I’m thinking miles of said smiles might now need to be produced?!To watch highlights of Jo incredible challenge you can watch this clip here and donations can still be made to Sports Relief.