The Magnetic Zero’s

MAGNETIC ZEROSMy Magnetic Zero’s were inspired by the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s. I have been listening to a lot of their music lately, mainly in the kitchen so thought I’d create a bespoke bake around them while experimenting with different shortbread recipes and designs. The bake itself is a vanilla shortbread dough that I cut into magnet shapes, which once baked are dipped in chocolate to create the appearance of a magnet. The idea is that when two are placed next to one another they create the impression of a zero, hence the name inspiration and general greed on my behalf. The chocolate certainly appeared to have a magnetic effect on the shortbread and my own and others sweet tooth. When shared out they were polished off in zero time, Edward Sharpish. Sorry, shameful pun even for me! MAGNETIC ZEROS 2