White Winter Chocolate Cheesecake

snowy cheesecakeMy White Winter Chocolate Cheesecake was featured in the Metro today, alongside some more of my festive recipes and  photos. The cheesecake itself encompasses the warmth of ginger, the coolness of mint and the creaminess of white chocolate, all combined together to create a winter wonderland of taste and textures. Inspired by my ginger snowflake and stained glass glacier mint biscuits I decided to decorate the top of the dessert with them, together with Mint Imperial Snowballs. The latter of which can also be found within the ginger biscuit base, broken up like shards of snow and and in the white chocolate and cheesecake topping, as mint sugar produced by me grinding down the sweets in a processor. Together they add a refreshing crunch and flavour that cuts through the sweet creaminess served up in each slice. snowflake cheesecake