Blackberry and Apple Crumble trifle


My Blackberry and Apple Crumble trifle is a fusion of two quintessential British desserts in one bowl, or in these miniature versions,a glass! The idea came about from my love of custard and the fact it features highly in both trifle and poured without restrain over crumble. Because of the double dose of custard association, I used custard powder as opposed to cornflower to both thicken and enhance the custard flavour itself.  The infamous layers start with caramelised apples, followed by my blackberry jam compote, hidden centred blackberry cupcakes, double dose custard, vanilla bean cream, cinnamon crumble and finally my biscuit leaves and fresh blackberries top the whole trifle off.  The decorative biscuit leaves are actually created from the same mixture as my crumble topping,  illustrating how like my combination of desserts, two classic favourites can be made and enjoyed together, all on one spoon and one big  mouthful!