Chocolate Coin Medals

medals blogMy Chocolate Coin Medals were part of the compilation bakes I created for Jo Whiley’s sports relief challenge and one of the most popular treats on the night. Unlike the spare change itself there was no spare chocolate left hanging at the end of the ribbons by the end of Jo’s trek on the treadmill. The bake itself was actually inspired by the Olympic Medal Biscuits I’d created for one of my friends Bonnie’s birthdays over the London Olympics. These original ones featured both gold and silver coins to award to everyone taking part in Bonnie’s Olympic sports day picnic. But on this occasion I decided to literally stick just gold coins to the gingerbread biscuit bases, as everyone involved with the Sports relief challenge and supporting Jo over the 26 hours was worthy of nothing short of gold. Even if some of the medals did happen to be 2 pence pieces!