Monroe Chocolate Nest

monroe nestMy Monroe Chocolate Nest was created for the book launch of jewellery designer Alex Monroe. Two Turtle Doves, A memoir of Making Things published by Bloomsbury is officially available to buy from today. Having heard about its publication at the start of the year and featuring the book on my blog, it was a joy to celebrate its launch at Daunts Books on Tuesday. The nest itself is made up of a tiffin inspired mixture incorporating chocolate, salted peanuts, pretzel sticks and shredded wheat. It became even more life like and textured through me scattering and pressing on more of the cereal once set. A bar of melted chocolate sea salt acted as the edible glue and its gold wrapper came in handy to cover one of the larger chocolate eggs and link in with the colours of Alex’s jewellery. A few more smaller gold and silver eggs can be found nestled inside the nest together with an assortment of speckled shelled ones. Unlike the bake, which got eaten and disappeared quickly  the book is a keepsake and read to be treasured much like Alex’s much loved Bumblebee necklace. Seen above in the guise of a bee mark inside the book, its hallmark is unquestionably Alex Monroe. Words that can also now be found on not just his jewellery but his precious book and memoir.

nest close up