Pumcan Pie


My Pumcan Pie is a combination of the two American classics, pumpkin and pecan pie. Am a big fan of both, so decided to create the dessert with a culinary and artistic twist. By arranging pecans in curved strips on top of the pie helps to create the appearance of an actual pumpkin, especially when ‘topped’ off with a pastry stem covered in caramel and toasted pumpkin seeds. The shell of the pie is made from a pecan pastry crust, to enhance the pecan ingredient in the pie while at the same time adding a subtle nutty bite. Maple Syrup and cinnamon are two of my favourite flavours, and feature highly in both North American desserts and consequently my pie. As well as the sugar and spice, I added an alcoholic kick with the addition of cointreau in the pies pumpkin filling. The liqueurs golden orange hue also sits back with the colour of pumpkins and adds warmth to the pie even if enjoyed cold. I served mine with homemade caramelised pecan ice cream, laced lightly with cinnamon. But whether on it’s own or with lashings of cream, you can be sure you’ll be getting two pies for the price of one in just one slice, or maybe even two! pumcan slice