Upside Down Lemon Pan-Cake

lemon pancake

My Upside Down Lemon Pan-Cake is baked in a frying pan in the oven. Inspired by the traditional pancake that is served with sugar and lemons I decided to turn it and its ingredients literally upside down. Slithers of caramelized lemons sit at the base of the pan, which are then covered in my lemon and buttermilk sponge. The addition of buttermilk gives the cake both a moist crumb and references back to the ingredients found within a pancake. Finally more lemon and sugar are squeezed and sprinkled over the top of the cake once baked, as you would do with a normal pancake. This particular pan-cake is made in a miniature frying pan perfect for individual servings. But an ordinary larger sized frying pan can be used to feed more people. It will just take slightly more flippin’ once baked!