Winter Treats

winter treatsMy Winter Treats of marzipan tea lights, chocolate almond conifer cones and parkin tiffin trees all featured in my previous Winter Wreath bake. Nuts and chocolate are the central ingredients in all three treats, but used in a variety of ways. The main ingredient in traditional marzipan is ground almonds so to create the flame in my marzipan tea light I decided to use a toasted flaked almond with a flicker of gold leaf. Silver balls add a magical sparkle and impression of a bauble on my parkin trees together with a light sprinkling of edible silver glitter applied after a dusting of icing sugar snow. The silver balls are also inserted into the centre of each mini marzipan star sitting on top of the parkin trees. A tiffin filled silver petit four case produces yet more metallic sheen at the trees base. All the trees components are attached with the aid of a cocktail stick, the unsung hero of the kitchen draw. It is a chocolate mikado stick however that can be found at the core of my chocolate almond conifer cones. Wrapped around each one is a stiffened chocolate ganache with inserted toasted almond slices to replicate the plates also known as scales found on a cone.