A treasure trove of inspirational ideas to bring a spark of creativity and a teaspoon of wonder into your kitchen. I’ve combined ideas and ingredients to provide you with straightforward master recipes or ‘building blocks’, and explain how to apply a little magic to turn them into beautiful bakes. The book will show you how to take a basic flapjack recipe and create honey bee bites; transform shortbread into a giant jammy dodger; and turn a brownie into an owl. I give you the foundation to create distinctive and different bakes – and it’s easy once you know how.

Whether you’re a baking novice or an extraordinaire, you’ll find achievable bakes for all occasions. With striking, graphic design and photography and my own illustrations sprinkled throughout, this book will capture your imagination and become the classic you turn to for definitive cake recipes, original designs and quintessential baking ideas.

‘Frances captures all the fun and magic of baking in this book’  Heston Blumenthal

Published by Bloomsbury and available from all good book stores

Also available for online purchase in the UK, US and Canada