2 for the Rocky Road

2My 2 for the Rocky Road was created for John Smith and his production company 2 for the Road who sweetly invited me to one of John’s private gigs to promote his latest album Great Lakes. Inspired by both the productions name and the name of one of my favourite tracks on the album the bake took shape in the form of a 2 packed full of salty and sweet ingredients. Salty and Sweet is the track John sings with Lisa Hannigan who together with John is one of the most talented and loveliest people I’ve met. Thank fully both Lisa, John and production are all fans of chocolate as a whole lot of the stuff was used to combine my rocky road mixture of salted caramel popcorn, salted peanuts and chocolate chip cookies. The latter admitted to me by John as being his favourite biscuit of choice. 2 for the Road and 2 for the Rocky Roady, this 2 can be described and consumed in more ways than 1 as we discovered on the night without a knife to cut it!