Banoffee Moustache cupcakes

banoffee moustache

My Banoffee Moustache cupcakes were made for an old work colleague and much loved friend James. Bananna and toffee pieces were swirled through the cupcake mix together with a dash of ground ginger. Once baked I topped each cupcake with a coating of toffee sauce and sliced bannas, which I then covered with piped whipped cream was. The presence of my gingerbread moustache biscuits were added both a reference to James and to compliment the presence of ground ginger within the cake itself. I tend to use ginger biscuits for the base of my banoffee pie dessert, so thought I’d simply reverse its part within this banoffee cupcake recipe. Finally a scattering of toffee and bananna chips were added to both decorate the cakes and provide another level of texture and flavour depth.