Biscuit Bombay Re-Mix

bombaymix1My Biscuit Bombay Re-Mix was the accompanying confectionary companion to my Bombay Bicycle CLUB biscuit. Biscuits featured again in this sweet take on the snack, this time in the guise of my cardamon butter biscuit using ghee rather than butter to fully embrace the theme of Bombay in the re-mix. The other biscuit caught up in the mix are my ginger, honey and gram flour sticks. Gram flour is made from ground chickpeas and as well as giving the biscuits a golden glow synonymous with bombay mix, the ingredient also referenced the fact chickpeas are often found in the traditional savoury bombay mix. In the case of my sweet version, roasted hazelnuts replaced the chickpeas and sliced pistachios took on the role of split peas. Salted cashews and honey coated peanuts made up the rest of the mix which was all dusted lightly in cinnamon. Both salty and sweet this particular Bombay mix has been re-made and re-mixed to be enjoyed ‘whenever, wherever’.bombay mix