Blooming Bake cake

BULBSMy Blooming Bake Cake was created for a keen gardeners birthday and inspired by both National Gardening Week and all the bulbs that are currently being planted. I created it by baking my go to chocolate cake recipe in a sandwich tin and once baked placing it in the base of a shallow circular plant pot. The bulbs are made from marzipan and covered in strips of filo pastry which I glazed in a butter and sugar syrup and dusted in cocoa powder to create the effect of a bulbs papery scales. The buds within the bulbs are created using pistachio marzipan that I shaped, scored and planted within each filo bulb. A thick chocolate ganache surrounds the bulbs with a layer of chocolate cake crumbs scattered over top to look like soil. I also toasted some sesame seeds to place in a personalised seed packet to sprinkle over the cake and baked some mini cake plant pots with individual buds. Finally I served everything with a trowel to cut the slices of cake with and watering can filled with cream ready to pour over the blooming bake ready to be unearthed and eaten. The recipe for both the cake, filo bulbs, pistachio marzipan and chocolate ganache can all be found in my book Quinntessential Baking.BULBS2

filo bulb