Bombay Bicycle CLUB

clubMy Bombay Bicycle CLUB is a giant version of the much loved retro biscuit created for the equally loved band Bombay Bicycle Club, whose latest album So Long See you Tomorrow went to the top of the album chart this weekend. Playing on both the name of the band and said biscuit, I was also inspired by the swimming pool tiles that spell out Luna in their recent video. They reminded me of the chocolate tiles that boarder a Club biscuit so together the biscuit and band collaborated via chocolate. The biscuit itself was a cardamon shortbread with a marzipan layer coating it’s surface, all of which was covered in a lot of chai infused milk chocolate to reference the flavours associated with Bombay and Indian sweets. True to the Club biscuits catchphrase a lot of chocolate was used to produce the biscuit, especially as a result of the size of this particular Club. Together with the biscuit I also created a biscuit Bombay mix, which I’ll feature and post shortly. Both biscuit remixes were ¬†presented on a giant foil wrapper, which not only helped add authenticity but proved invaluable in transport whether on public transport or possible tour bus!

CLUBSbombay bicycle club