Cigarette cake

cigarette cakeMy Cigarette cake is probably the most inedible looking I’ve made! Made up of a swiss roll up sponge, it’s filled with a caramel and coffee ganache and covered in a fondant filter stained with coffee and cocoa. Initially when rolling up the sponge, I was annoyed to discover the surface of the sponge removing itself from the parchment paper, however this turned into baking eureka when I realised how much more authentic it made the cigarette/cake look! By crumbling up caramelised filo pastry sheets I was able to form the tobacco leaves, with cocoa dyed sweetened desiccated coconut and chocolate biscuit crumbs providing me and the cake with ash. The ash and cake itself were all created for Laura, also known as Fag Ash Lil, due to her habit for smoking! A habit of which was this time broken and sliced into in the form of cake. Presented on a board covered with a photographed pavement print out, there was certainly no buts when it came to who wanted more. cigarette2

cigarette ash