Festive Scones

cmas scones2My Festive Scones are a twist on the traditional take of scones with cream and jam. By using traditional ingredients found around Christmas but in a slightly untraditional way the scones and their toppings became the perfect festive fodder. By adapting my cauliflower cheese scone recipe I substituted grated cheese for grated marzipan and added mixed spice and cinnamon to the flour. Brandy butter was rubbed into the dry ingredients in place of butter and pourable brandy cream combined everything together rather than milk. I’m not denying these scones are not rich, boozy and indulgent but they were for Christmas. However because of the sugar in the marzipan, brandy butter and cream no actual weighed out sugar was required, making it even easier to convert my savoury scone recipe. Delicious on their own with the taste of sweet melting marzipan caught up in the cloudiness of the crumb, they reached new festive heights when topped with spreadable brandy cream and a good spoonful on mincemeat. A little joy to the world in every bite.