Giant Jam Sandwich cake


My Giant Jam Sandwich Cake is twist on the classic Victoria sponge using coconut rather than vanilla to flavour the cakes themselves. Coconut is added to the mixture in the form of  dessicated coconut, coconut liquer and coconut butter, which as well as adding a delicious sweetness and dimension to the flavour of the cake helps give the sponges a whiter hue which adds to the appearance of white sliced sandwich bread. Raspberries and rose compliment coconut really well, so are also wonderful when combined within the cake as jam.

White chocolate is a great match with raspberries, so adding it the buttercream to spread over the cake like butter made sweet sense. The sprinkling of toasted coconut over the finished sandwich provides an authentic appearance of crumbs while referring back to the cakes central flavour. All in all the cake is fun and quirky in it’s appearance, yet refined and sophisticated in it’s flavour. The sugar paste paper bag puts the icing both on and under the cake!