Great Lakes cake

great lakes cakeMy Great Lakes cake was created especially for John Smith, the very talented musician and all round lovely man. John’s current album and tour is called Great Lakes, so I created a bake around it for one of the shows. Having discovered John was a fan of lemon drizzle cake, the main and mini loaf boat cake was made up from the bake. The lemon drizzle also played into the idea of the Great lake it was depicting in cake form. Ginger biscuit moustaches took on the appearance of waves on the lake of cake. John himself is a ginger and sports a grand looking ginger moustache, so I thought I’d pay tribute to this and the fact were in the month of Movember. The gingerbread moustaches were positioned and stuck into the cake with the aid of cocktail sticks. The idea occurred to me after having used cocktail sticks to prick the surface of the cake pre drizzle. The sticks were also used to plant my vanilla biscuit sails into the top of my mini loaf boat lemon drizzle cake, which I embossed with ‘Great Lakes’. From Great Lakes to lakes of cake. The bake was chopped and choppy biscuit waves broken and bitten into with great gusto after an unforgettable night overflowing with great music and memories. great lakes cake full

great lakes cake2