Hidden Carrot cake

carrot cake plateMy Hidden Carrot cake contains not just hidden carrots, but beetroot too. Carrots are revealed and tasted within the hidden carrot and coconut sponge cakes, while the beetroot is blitzed up and buried amongst my chocolate orange beetroot loaf cake. Adding both moistness and an earthy depth to the flavour of the bake. The addition of ground walnuts and walnut oil in the mixture also produces a damp crumb not dissimilar to the texture and touch of soil, which gives the cake a horticultural authenticity. The pot itself is made from homemade marzipan which is made using unrefined icing sugar. This ingredient adds both a pleasing butterscotch taste and works quite literally with the unrefined nature of the bake. My dairy free chocolate orange and coconut fudge sauce is used to stick both the marzipan and chocolate top soil to the cake.  Chocolate, orange, and mint go so well together that I decided to use stalks of mint, to act as the carrot top coming out of the cake. Finally whether a trowel or fork is used, be sure to dig deep and unearth both a carrot and cake on to your plate.