Houmous Bagels

IMG_4446Happy Bagel Day via my Houmous Bagels! Delicious eaten on their own or toasted and then spread liberally with houmous. The bagel dough itself has garlic infused oil and tahini kneaded through it, together with actual chickpeas, which are carefully folded through after the first prove. This key ingredient is also found on top of the bagels, together with a sprinkle of dried parsley and coating of sesame seeds before being baked in the oven. It was actually the sesame seed topping normally associated with traditional bagels that first made me come up with the idea of creating a houmous inspired variety. Sesame seeds are the main ingredient within tahini, a major component of houmous and the main reason these bagels are quite literally an all round houmous hit. Seeing as its also national pizza day, I can also recommend splitting the bagels and turning them into the base of a greek pizza using tomatoes, black olives and feta, with extra houmous on the side!