The Blue-berry Nude cheesecake

MATISSEMy Blue-berry Nude Cheesecake was inspired by Matisse and created for the Art Fund as part of their Edible Masterpieces. Edible Masterpieces is a fundraising initiative which encourages art lovers and keen cooks to make edible creations inspired by iconic works of art. What excites me most about baking is getting to be creative with ingredients that can be turned into designs. Edible Masterpieces fully embraces this mixing together of art and food and the inspiration and ideas that go into each piece – not necessarily just cake! On this occasion it was cheese cake that became the edible canvas for my design. Matisse has always been an artist I’ve loved and admired for his incredible use of colour and texture. Being a fan of collage his paper cut outs are among some of my favourite pieces of art. It therefore seemed fitting to turn one of his most famous pieces into a giant piece of cheesecake. Using cut out blueberries on top of a nude-ie simple vanilla cheesecake-I re-created his Blueberry Nude, which I’ve re-christened The Blue-berry Nude Cheesecake. This iconic image is currently being used by the Tate to promote the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition which runs at Tate Modern until the 7th September. With or without blueberries or cheesecake, I would encourage anyone to visit and witness Matisse’s final chapter of art in this very new medium.matisse2