Matisse Cut-Outs biscuits

MATISSEMy Matisse Cut-Outs biscuits were created for Matisse Live last night.  For the first time ever Tate Modern broadcast an exclusive film about their current Henri Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition live into cinemas around the country. Inspired by the cut-outs nature of Matisses medium and art I cut out and into a biscuit dough to produce a Matisse Live ticket and accompanying Matisse star motif biscuits. The latter work well as both cut-out shapes but equally as a biscuit with star shape cut-out from it’s centre. Rather than trimming down the biscuits dough I left the rolled out edges of these biscuits raw, much like a torn paper collage to contrast with the sharp lines of the scalpel cut-out star within. Influenced by making these biscuits and watching the film last night I’m thinking Matisse stained glass biscuits and cut-out motif dodgers might be next …MATISSE2MATISSE5