Mini Egg Mayo sandwiches

egg mayo blogMy Mini Egg & Mayo Sandwiches were another mini recipe I created for Cadbury usingĀ their Mini Eggs. Like with my Mini Egg and Chip cupcakes, a vanilla sponge is used as the canvas to produce the mini loaves, which once baked are sliced into mini sandwiches. Spread with my creme patisserie sweet egg mayonnaise, the creamy mixture is sprinkled with pieces of mini eggs and chopped mint to resemble cress. As well as adding a comical value the fresh flavour provided by the mint helps to cut through the richness of the mayo and marries perfectly with the chocolate in the mini eggs. Left open or closed, cut in half or into triangles the mini sandwiches can even have their crusts removed. But since this results in less cake and more crumbs I wouldn’t bother!