Newshour Cake

final newshour cakeMy Newshour Cake was the final creation that followed on from my Cake of the World to celebrate the BBC’s Newshour programme’s 25th Anniversary. The number of years was highlighted through me baking 24 mini cupcakes and one large central cake, to signify the 25th year. The 24 mini cakes also represent the 24 hours in the day, which fitted perfectly both around the cake and the Newshour theme. The same ginger parkin mixture was used for all 25 cakes to illustrate how all the different news stories are brought together on the programme. Chocolate buttons provided the surface to pipe on the ganache numbers as well as playing on the idea that buttons are pressed by both the Newshour team and public in order to broadcast and listen to the programme. The image of the world on top of the cake also became the surface of a clock face to link both the global nature and title of the programme together. From different time zones to different nut zones, an assortment of ground nuts and spices were in correspondence with one another via the continents I created with them. Or should that be continuts?!cake rowclose up clock