Piaf Puff pastries

music puff blogMy Piaf Puff pastries were inspired by the great french singer Edith Piaf and the Pastries France is known and loved for. Cream horns become French horns, with Piaf’s La Vie En Rose referenced to inject the key flavour of rose. A coulis of raspberry and  rose ripple together with french chantilly creamy and fill each pastry horn almost like a mini cornetto. A similarity which is strengthened by the addition of each pastry rim being dipped in white chocolate, with a coating of chopped toasted almonds. As well as rose and raspberry being the ingredients in the coulis, dried pieces of both add a final flourish to the top of each pastry together with a sprig of fresh mint.

french horn blogPraline Palmier Bass Clefs add to the musical ensemble and layer another flavour combination through the buttery puff with the aid of ground roasted hazelnuts, milk chocolate and cinnamon sugar. Milk chocolate dipped whole roast hazelnuts lie alongside each bass clef shaped palmier to create the impression of the clefs dots. Whole hazelnuts can also be found at the centre of each pastry clef to help produce the shape and highlight the central flavour within the bake itself. palmier bass cleff blogMy mille-feuille turn sheets of puff pastry into sheet music via the guise of music symbols, notes and piano chords. Coffee ganache and tia maria mascarpone cream fillings are piped to mirror the impression of semi breve notes between the sheets of fragile buttery pastry. A dusting of icing sugar coats the top of each layered slice, upon which either cocoa power accidental keys are stencilled or coffee ganache piped to portray treble clefs, crotchets and quavers. The latter of which are finished off with chocolate covered coffee beans to highlight the cafe au lait flavour of the pastry. The complete pastry selection and music section are finally all displayed together on a slate board with icing sugar chalk used to depict the staves.MUSICAL