Scottish Tablets

tabletMy Scottish Tablets¬†are a twist on the traditional Scottish tablet, which is a sugary confectionary from Scotland and a sweet relative of fudge. Tablet is known to be harder and more brittle compared to it’s softer, creamier younger fudge sister. However I have brought both sweet siblings together to create my tablet, in order to create the shape and finish of actual tablets. The texture of my tablet fudge is less grainy that the original but still as moorish. Especially when flavoured with real Scottish Whisky, a a medicinal ingredient I felt necessary! A small round cookie cutter and cocktail stick provided me with a perfect first class kit in which I was able to aid my tablet into actual tablet shapes with. More than a spoonful of sugar went into these happy pills, and together with the shot of whisky there is no better medicine to prescribe at this time of year. Just be careful not to overdose, as they can become addictive. Both to create and consume!TABLET3