Tiffin Seedlings and Biscuit Planters


My Tiffin Seedlings and Biscuit Planters were inspired by both the Joules Garden Trading tiffin tin and theme of gardening itself. The  Tiffin Seedlings are quite literally crammed full of seeds. Sesame snaps, toasted seeds and three seed granola can all be found bound up amongst a mass of chocolate, together with some of the broken up biscuit planters. By planting the tiffin mixture into actual seedling trays, the chocolate mixture divides itself up and fits perfectly into the tiffin tin together with the biscuit planters. The latter are flavoured with vanilla seeds and the perfect biscuit dunker to enjoy with a cup of tea, which once dunked can then be dunked into the tiffin seedlings. The heat from the drink happens to melt the top chocolate soil, thus adhering them to the seedlings. Open sesame snap magic!JOULES GT3-BLOG