Chocolate Charcoal Briquettes

charcoal1My Chocolate Charcoal Briquettes were created for a very special BBQ extraodinaire and event in conjunction with national BBQ week earlier this month. Richard Holden, a fellow foodie and friend is on a mission to bring barbecuing skills to more people across the UK. He was therefore the perfect person to host Thermapens recent ‘Is it Cooked‘ event. A series of events running throughout the year to highlight the relevance of temperature probes across various ways of cooking and ingredients. From tempering chocolate to barbecuing chicken over charcoal (or in Richard’s case barbecuing a chicken over a can of beer placed over hot charcoals-highly recommend!) Both the method and results are useful and inspiring in equal measures. As well as getting to attend the event on the rooftop of Forge and Co flagship Shoreditch site and enjoy Richard’s BBQ demonstration and delicious food, I also provided some BBQ inspired sweet treats for the other guests. Along with my biscuit matches, inspired by my original Giant Baker’s Matches created when I was on GBBO, I made up a whole bag of chocolate charcoal briquettes. The charcoals are basically my twist on a s’more, using broken up charcoal biscuits and marshmallows bound together with chocolate and molasses for a BBQ rocky road of sorts! I had so much fun creating them, that I’ve been inspired to make more using a new chocolate discovery in the form of the Mast Brother’s ‘smoke chocolate’! After chatting to Richard I’m also keen to make another two BBQ inspired bakes involving brownie briquettes and meringue firelighters, with smoked sugar no less! To see and learn more about the event and thermapen digital probe, including that beer can chicken visit the link here.