Hambleton Bakery

IMG_8375Hambleton bakery was set up in 2008 by Tim Hart and Master Baker Julian Carter with an aim to produce traditional bread without the use of chemicals and additives. Using seasonal fresh ingredients, locally purchased where ever possible. Now a successful, award winning bakery based in Exton, Rutland, it produces, sells and supplies a growing number of wholesale shops in Rutland and nearby Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Including my local Hambleton bakery shop in Market Harborough, together with lots of other delis, farm shops, pubs and restaurants in the surrounding area.IMG_9118With its ethos for creating great bread and baked goods, it has been an honour working for the bakery as their ambassador. While also creating products and breaking world records along the way! Including my Grand Slam Jammy Dodger tennis racket biscuit and Giant Jaffa Cake, most noticeably my favourite limited edition rhubarb and custard flavour!IMG_9440Working with such a great local brand has been really inspiring. Not only do I love what Hambleton Bakery create, but the passion and integrity of their bakes fits perfectly with my own philosophy for craftsmanship and flavour. The bakery long-ferment all their bread, which not only creates great flavour and texture, but also helps improve digestion. You really only need flour, water, salt and most importantly time to make bread and Hambleton do just that. Much in the same way you would make a good loaf of bread at home without the use of chemicals. IMG_3754Aside from my favourite date and walnut loaf, their basic sourdough is a baking saviour and staple. Not only is it delicious eaten on its own, spread simply with butter and jam-or my favourite honey. It can be enjoyed and re-invented in a variety of ways, not a crumb or crust need be wasted. Toasted and topped with smashed up avocado and scrambled eggs, its a filling and nutritious breakfast, brunch or late night pick me up. Made into croutons it can be put on top of salads or soup to add a satisfying crunch. IMG_9126Turned into breadcrumbs it can be used as both a crumble top or toasted and stirred through granola and muesli. Adding a delicious dimension and flavour, which can even be scattered over yogurt  or used to bulk out flapjacks with bite!IMG_9120I’ve even been inspired by the loaf to create a collection of ‘Pain Au Chocolats’. Using just the bread and a bar of chocolate to produce numerous different delights. Proving that a good loaf of bread can be good for so much more than first thought.