Sweet Home Snail Plates

snail plate

These Sweet home snail cake plates are designed by Takae Mizutani and sons. From brioche buns to peaches and even sets of keys these ceramic glastropoda’s-aka slugs, are an ingenious way of displaying gastronomique delights-and key rings! This isn’t the¬†first product of theirs for me to have featured on my blog. I previously posted their equally imaginative Egg and Soldiers breakfast set also made out of Earthenware clay and made in Cornwall. What makes them and these so special is my lovely friend Howard who from seeing the breakfast set was inspired to use the snail plates to display his equally inspiring snail snecken sticky buns. Both Takae Mizuntani and Howard are an inspiration and I for one will be investing in some snail plates to display not just just peaches, but Howards very own peachy buns. The most spectacular sweet bun I have ever had the privelege of knowing and tasting.