The Shard

shardThe Shard in the guise of gingerbread biscuits was created to celebrate The View from the Shards first birthday last week. Some of London’s key landmarks from the BT Tower to the London Eye were made using a combination of  shortbread, chocolate and fudge. Placed in an around the shard, each iconic building was stuck securely into a giant slab of rocky road. Studded with glitter and popping candy to create the effect of the twinkling lights in and around London when seen at night. An idea taken from my Pop at the Tops made previously from a visit to the Shard. The Shard itself was made up of a giant carved out marshmallow rice crispy cake with the four gingerbread biscuit shards stuck to it sides with the aid of melted white chocolate. The buildings panes of glass were depicted via cut out stained glass sweet windows using a combination of mint and berry flavoured boiled sweets. The effect of both was made more evident when a night light was placed at the top of the tower illuminating the windows. Significant in highlighting not just ‘The View’ from the top of the Shard but acting as birthday candle for the bake itself.